What is Layers of Maquoketa?

Layers of Maquoketa brings together people from all walks of life to talk about what gives us a sense of place about this city we call home.

We’ve talked about the rich history of agriculture and industry, the beauty and resources of the landscape, the cultural and recreational opportunities, the stories of people whose families trace back generations in this area and those who joined the community more recently.

These discussions about what makes us “us” have morphed into concrete plans to celebrate Maquoketa. Over the months, with assistance from U of I staff, different groups have been working on projects that involve creative art projects, interviews with everyday people, research into historical buildings, personal stories about special memories and much more.

We want everyone to please mark their calendars for the third week of April when all kinds of fun, interesting and exciting events are scheduled to showcase layer upon layer of what makes Maquoketa a reflection of the the people who live here, the history of the city and and land that defines it.

The Layers of Maquoketa event will culminate Saturday, April 22 when downtown will be transformed into a festival marketplace with performances by middle school and high school jazz bands, a pancake breakfast at the Maquoketa Caves, a grand opening of the renovated downtown, Hurstville Interpretive Center Earth Day activities in the Green Space, food vendors, a major cultural presentation featuring food and dance by our Micronesian community, a show by the Coronado Car Club and retailers open until 8 p.m.

That’s not all. Exhibits starting on Tuesday and running through Saturday include a Maquoketa Middle School history project, a Maquoketa High School book art project, a Maquoketa industry display, creative works by Clinton Community College students, an historical building display by the Jackson County Historical Society, and the premiere of a documentary on the Maquoketa Volunteer Fire Department.

And there’s more! A coffee house featuring local musicians, poetry and story readings and a Lego robotics demonstration; the YMCA Healthy Kids event; and a discussion on The Layers project. Whew!

There is much to celebrate here in Maquoketa. And this year’s event marks the cornerstone of an ongoing effort to peel back the layers for years to come.

Your Words, Your Stories

Your Words, Your Stories