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Layers of Maquoketa | Second Year Celebration-2018

Layers of Maquoketa brings together people from all walks of life to talk about what gives us a sense of place about this city we call home.

Layers of Maquoketa continues for the second year with a week long celebration featuring many other "layers or components" of our community:  Fiber Art, AntiqueTractors,Quilting Demos, Tillage & Corn Planting Demo, Millikan - Nobel Prize physicist from Maquoketa), “Farm Scape” a play by Mary Swander-Iowa's Poet Laureate Art Ribbon Cutting and Dedication“Gables” by Maquoketa native Daniel Caven, Coffee House Featuring local talent, Post Office Tours/100th Anniversary and Local music by Timber City Bells and The Black Velvet Band

Displays will be available during this week:

  • Quilt DisplaysWomen in Ag Display
  • Spring Photo Show
  • Maquoketa High School Art Display
  • Eastern Iowa Farmer Display
  • Robert Millikan, Nobel Prize Winner, Display
  • United Church of Christ Anniversary Display
  • Jackson County Extension Display/Child Activity

Please mark your calendars and join the Celebration of

"Maquoketa CAN"  as a  Layers of Maquoketa Community

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