Layers News!

There are exciting projects and initiatives on the table for Layers of Maquoketa in 2019, although there probably won’t be a weeklong event culminating in a full Saturday this spring. Here’s what we’re working on.

Projects / collaborations / initiatives:

  • We can collaborate with Maquoketa Art Experience on the artist's workshop and event of April 13.

  • We would like to collaborate with Peace Pipe Players in ways they would find beneficial.

  • There has been in contact with a downtown building owner who is interested in a community mural project. 

  • With the downtown facade renovations coming soon, there is a desire to document the process and the buildings receiving the renovations with a potential partnership with the University of Iowa.

  • We would be interested in collaborating with Maquoketa Public Library on a community read event if they would find this beneficial.

  • There has been in contact with groups involved in writing a grant application for the Veterans Legacy Program, recording and documenting the lives of local veterans.

All of these initiatives can benefit from help. Anyone who is interested in any of them, or more information about them, please contact us: Layers ( or Nic (

Mark your calendars:
 Layers of Maquoketa Coffeehouse is coming again -- Wednesday, May 2, 2019, at Maquoketa Art Experience. Time TBA

New email address: -- our previous email address was tied to a paid Google account, most features of which we weren't using, so we've dropped that paid account and are using this Gmail address instead.

New Facebook page: In order to gear up for broadening our communications and promotions reach, we've set up a Facebook community page: THIS PAGE NEEDS ADMINS! If you're interested in joining in to be a page admin, please contact us. Although that page has been quiet so far, we hope that will be changing. It's not much work, it's fame only if you want it, and an easy way to support Layers.

New meeting time: We've chosen a new meeting time that we hope will have fewer conflicts with more people. Layers of Maquoketa meetings will be on the 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 4:00 pm at Maquoketa Art Experience.