Lots of projects!

At the July Layers of Maquoketa meeting, held on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, we reviewed all the projects underway and got lots of updates:

  1. Peace Pipe Players Readers Theater (“Our Town”) - update from Leslie Jacobsen

    • We've had 2 workshops for Our Town, and I've been hearing more buzz than usual about folks wanting to participate, so hoping we'll have a good turnout at auditions. Auditions are currently scheduled for Aug 4 & 6, with a possible 3rd date to be added for folks who can't make either of the other two dates.

    • I sent a follow-up to Tom Yearwood to see about his estimate for the platforms. Once I get that, I'll bring it to the MAE to make sure it's something we still want to pursue.

  2. Community mural on north face of 201 S Main - update from Nancy Kilburg

    • The mural which is being sponsored by MAE with donations from fundraising and the Facade programs will begin Thursday (July 18, 2019) and the artist will be here Thursday. He will being staying at Squires Manor as an "in-kind" donation. Barb Bowman is seeking out some high school students to see if they wish to assist the artist. Thank you Nic for helping with the grant!!

  3. Documenting the Downtown Façade project - no information

  4. Veterans Legacy project - update from Julie Schveiger

    • I'm waiting to hear back from Natalie from St Ambrose University on the funding they are seeking.

    • I received the list from the director of the Rock Island National Cemetery of veterans from Jackson County who are buried there.

    • I was hoping to contact some of the people who worked on the Jackson County veterans memorial to see if they want to work on this project as well. Haven't done that yet but I have a list of names to call.

    • Hoping also to collaborate with the Jackson County Historical folks, Don Wentworth and Bonnie Mitchell, since they are working with the Korean War veterans in and around Jackson County to document their experiences while they are still here with us.

    • Wendy from the Maquoketa Chamber of Commerce also suggested that we collaborate with a project they're doing with middle school/high school students. I need to find out more from her about that project. (Note: Wendy was not available to ask for more information about this yet.)

  5. Fall coffeehouse - update from Nancy Kilburg

    • The Coffeehouse is scheduled for October 17 but we may reschedule to January as October which already has 5 scheduled weekend events. Also this would put us back on track for a coffeehouse event every 6 months which has been very effective in this format. Let me know about scheduling as we certainly could do October, please let me know.

  6. Maquoketa Film Festival - update from Nancy Kilburg

    • The planning committee continues to meet. Decisions are being made about websites, logos etc. MAE will be the 501 3 c fiscal agent for MFF for grant writing and funding purposes -- Co- chairs are Nathan Woodward and Leslie Jacobsen. They along with Roger Stewart and Tom Breuch will be meeting with the director of the Julien Dubuque Film Festival. The festival has been scheduled for August 7 & 8, 2020. Solicitation of entries has not happened yet.