August Updates

Layers of Maquoketa met on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, for a regular monthly meeting. In attendance were Nic Hockenberry (chair), Bob Osterhaus, Mallory Smith, Nancy Kilburg, Julie Schveiger, Leslie Jacobsen via speakerphone. Sarah Jones took minutes.


  1. PPP "Our Town" update: Leslie

    • The production has a cast. Rehearsals start the week of August 26. They are collecting cost estimates for scripts, sound effect, performance platform, and they are planning publicity.

  2. Community mural - Nancy

    • There will be a ribbon cutting on Friday, August 23 at noon. Community support of the effort was fantastic.

  3. Documenting Downtown Façade project - Nic

    • Photographs have been taken and more are expected to be taken as the project gets underway.. If building owners are interested, a timeline history of their building can be compiled using the property abstracts combined with published Jackson County histories.

  4. Veterans' Legacy project - Julie

    • Work continues with St.Ambrose University to secure funding. Researchers at the University of Iowa are also involved. It looks as though the funding would be in the form of a government contract rather than a grant.

    • There is a list of Jackson County veterans who are interred at the Rock Island National Cemetery .

    • Also working with local veterans organizatons.

  5. Coffeehouse committee report - Nancy

    • The Coffeehouse will be held either January 23rd or 30th, 2020.

    • Half of the acts have already been booked.

  6. Other

Maqtoberfest will be October 12. Besides vendors, music, and food, there will be kids' activities and the opportunity for local groups to have information booths. Lers of Maquoketa and MAE are invited to participate if they wish. The Summer Concert Series/Maqtoberfest subcommittee of the Hometown Pride Committee have rented the MAE space for the day, so if there are activities better suited to an indoor setting, the space is available.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at 4 PM, in Maquoketa Art Experience.

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