Springtime in Maquoketa Winners


Announcing the "Spring in Maquoketa Photo Event" results!

Best In Show: Joyce Ostert, Candid
Still Life 
    1st Place: Kent Crawford
    Runner-Up: Jenna Yeager
    Honorable Mention: Elly Flenker
    1st Place: Joyce Ostert

    Runner-Up: Brittany Hayes
    Honorable Mention: Cathy Seyfert
    1st Place: Allyson Lema
    Runner-Up: Elly Flenker
    Honorable Mention: Trevyn Rupp  

The prizes can be picked up starting Friday morning. at the Maquoketa Art Experience.  Layers of Maquoketa would like to thank the following businesses for their contributions: Frenzi Cafe, Sweet Things Bakery, Voy Theaters and Farmer’s Creek/Mac’s Wine Cellar.

We are pleased with the number of submissions, the range of creative viewpoints, and the variety of artistic styles. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any youth submissions, but we will continue to include the youth category in future events, and hope for the best!